Photo by Circe Hamilton

Angel Hubris, aka Bimbi, is a multi-disciplinary Albanian-American artist living in Brooklyn, NY/Lenapehoking. They work with photo, sound, video, sculpture, performance, and text, exploring belonging/displacement, identity, violence, gender/sexuality, the body politic, mysticism/occultism, dis/ability and disobedience. Their most recent work, DOG//GOD was featured on Montez Press Radio in October 2023. From 2020-2022 they were Co-founder and Project Lead of Slavers of NY, a guerilla education project exposing the legacy of racism and slavery in NYC. They also work as a qualitative researcher and educator in public health.

Bimbi is a jewelry designer, and owns the fashion brand Bimbo in Limbo. Adorning bimbos, weirdos, and bffs, their jewelry is one-of-a-kind, handmade, and incorporates beads of semi-precious stones, glass, clay and more with the intention of bringing protection, abundance, and joy to the wearer. They have collaborated with Dawang, Vers BK, Bloda’s Choice, and Queer Art/Body Hack’s Pride Vendor Fair, among others.

IG: @angel.hubris & @bimbo_inlimbo