Alicia Raquel Morales, Emerge 2014

Alicia Raquel Morales, 2014

Alicia Raquel Morales is a dancer, interdisciplinary artist, and cultural organizer. Their aesthetic is quirky, queer, “spanglish,” Boricua, urban, nerdy and working class. Alicia grew up building altars, listening to and making up stories that straddle “real” and unseen worlds, and watching formal and informal ritual work. A child of street dance, these practices shape Alicia’s world view and style. In pandemic times, they have brought their dance practice back outdoors. Alicia is a former Dancing Futures and Skylab Artist in Residence, and a Brooklyn Arts Fund and NYFA Bridge Fund Recipient. They have danced with Arthur Aviles Typical Theater, MBDance, Renegade Performance Group, K. Hamilton Productions, and the NWA Project. Alicia’s current work is a constellation of interactive pieces within the crowning world, the latest of which is crowning in october (or how to change shape while remembering your name).

IG @skeletondance14