Alex Romania
Space Grant (2016/2017)

Alex Romania (NYC) makes multidisciplinary work at the crux of expansive task and deteriorating form, investigating bodies of cultural debris amidst the invisible everyday and toxic ingestions, consuming, purging, and breaking apart. Romania’s work delves into spaces of the unimaginable, staring into the unknown to consider a crude and splendid humanity, embracing the unruly to liberate the governed body. Romania has presented at Sub Rosa (Athens, Greece), Abrons Arts Center (NYC), Grace Exhibition Space (NYC), Human Resources (LA), Encuentro (Lima, Peru), UV Estudios (Buenos Aires), the Pillsbury House (Minneapolis) and has worked with artists Kathy Westwater, Antonio Ramos, Catherine Galasso, Simone Forti, Éva Mag, Sarah White-Ayón, Daria Fain, Therese Shechter/Trixie Films, Hegemonix, Stacy Lynn Smith, and is in bands ‘W.O.R.M.’, ‘Town Ghost’, ‘BIG’ and ‘C😃LT’. Romania was a 2019-2020 Movement Research Artist in Residence recipient, a 2022 MacDowell fellow, and Djerassi resident artist.