(part-time, hourly) 

Compensation is $16 hourly 

Administrative and Facilities Assistant position is essential to the smooth working of BAX/Brooklyn Arts  Exchange, a non-profit community arts center in Park Slope, Brooklyn. This position is most often the first  face an artist, student, or family sees when they walk into the building or the first point of contact over the  phone. The position provides essential support to the staff by directing patrons, taking care of monetary  transactions (registration, space rental, box office), and responding promptly to inquiries via email, over the  phone, or in person. 

The Administrative and Facilities Assistant position is shared with up to 5-6 other employees to fully cover  the Front Desk so that BAX remains open 7 days a week, 9am-10pm. Punctuality, responsibility, and  accountability are essential in this shared position for the smooth operation of the organization and the  building. 

Job Hours and Responsibilities: 

This position starts immediately with paid training arranged as mutual availability and continues on: Saturdays 3:15pm-10:30pm  

(includes Afterschool Pickup responsibilities in coordination with our Education staff and occasional Box  Office responsibilities in coordination with our Production staff) 

  • Heavy phone work regarding all aspects of the organization. 
  • Greeting the public (artists, students, families) 
  • Orienting new artists to rehearsal spaces and booking space 
  • Database entry  
  • General correspondence 
  • Cleaning including rehearsal studios, hallways, bathrooms. 
  • Ordering office supplies and putting them away. 
  • Class registration & attendance 
  • Assistance with mailings and collating/distribution of marketing materials  
  • Work with volunteers/interns 
  • General administrative support to Senior Staff 
  • Depending on the shift, picking up children at local schools (by foot) and bringing them to our  center as part of BAX’s After-school Pick Up program to participate in after school classes.
  • For weekday evening shifts, Saturday afternoons, and all day Sundays, this person is often the  only staff member in the building and bares sole responsibility for opening or closing the  building and for coverage at the Front Desk in the BAX Building.  

Employees should be able and willing to work in a child-friendly, multi-tasking, and at times high stress  work environment with many populations and multiple programs. Excellent and timely communication is  essential. Impeccable, friendly, and informative customer service is required. 

Employees should be able to make a commitment to work shifts as listed and be exceptionally responsible  in having their shifts covered should an emergency or other reason arise. It is imperative that current  employees and substitutes work together in keeping the Front Desk covered in order for the organization  to run smoothly. If there are gaps in coverage, BAX risks pulling other staff from their jobs to fill in or, in the  worst case, closing the building and canceling booked renters. It is incumbent upon Administrative and  Facilities Assistants to attend their shifts in a timely manner or find full and appropriate coverage if they  cannot. Coverage, refers to securing a commitment from another employee to attend a shift in someone’s  absence AND notifying the direct supervisor of that commitment. 

BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange is an equal opportunity employer committed to creating and developing an  inclusive staff team. People of color and individuals of diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to  apply.