Action Lab Logo

In 2022, EMERGENYC and BAX are partnering with The Action Lab to create Learning Circles: an intergenerational knowledge-exchange and community-building series of gatherings for activists, policy makers, community organizers, and artists to build cross-sector relationships, tap into inspiration, know each other, spend thoughtfully curated and facilitated time together—and build collaborations they would not otherwise have the opportunity to create. The Action Lab fosters cross-discipline, cross-movement spaces to lift out of the immediate, imagine our way decades into the future, expand our conception of what’s possible, and build the collective muscle and connections to drive towards that vision. Through gatherings, learning, experimentation, incubation, and fellowships, the Action Lab nurtures and challenges our movements to imagine new ways forward, to care for ourselves and each other, to sharpen our analysis and our actions, and to dream and act ambitiously.