Art by Construction Workers | A Virtual Exhibition

Greg Davidek

Greg Davidek Headshot

I spent a lot of time framing and arranging the paintings on the studio wall in Long Island City not long before we moved up here. Hence the two images.

The gold leaf entryway was done in an apartment at 1170 5th Ave.

Owen on a Snowball is from a body of work done when the twins were small derived from cell phone pictures.

The sewing machine drawing is one of many that happened while I was making cushions. The cushions were for a built-in piece of furniture I made for our apartment on 86th Street years back. Sometimes the twins helped. I had to be vigilant that they not injure themselves. They found the sewing on the paper quite exciting.

The portrait of Geoffrey Neithercut is for the Genesee County Courthouse in Flint, Michigan. It is a part of a larger ensemble that has to be installed. He was a Judge there for 24 years.