BAX Personal Commitments

In line with BAX’s mission of anti-racist, pro-inclusion work, our individual staff members are sharing their personal commitments. These statements are as of June 5, 2020 and more will be added soon.

Vanessa Adato 
she/her | Interim Executive Director | | bio

I am a white Jewish cis-gendered woman, wife, mother to two, cultural worker. Grateful to live out my values to undo racism in all facets of my life, both with home family and work-family. Dedicated to accountability and action in this moment and for the long haul. #NYCBudgetJustice #BlackLivesMatter #ArtistsAreEssentialWorkers

Sanae Galligan
she/her | Youth Education Marketing Manager |

I am a recent immigrant, but not being a US citizen cannot be an excuse for not fighting racial injustice. I will support racial justice by educating myself and encouraging other immigrants to advocate for racial justice. This is my fourth time living here and the reason I keep coming back is because of the country’s diversity and people’s generosity. I believe this country can change if each one of us keeps taking actions.

Aviya Hernstadt
she/her | Education Assistant/Administrative Assistant |

As a white, Jewish New Yorker, I am grounded in my ancestors’s tradition to fight for justice. I commit myself to learning, practicing, and educating in anti-racism. I commit to naming white supremacy to keep myself and my white peers accountable. I commit to uplifting Black and Brown voices through radical arts education. The work is continuous. 

Sara Roer
she/her |Operations Manager |

I continue to be accountable to the space between intention and impact, call in other white folks who do AND do not want to join me in deconstructing white supremacy, name whiteness, pay attention, listen, directly compensate black folks for their labor in this struggle, and align my work with these values.

Lucia Scheckner
she/her | Director of Education and Community Engagement |

I am a native New Yorker, anti-racist, Marxist, white mother of two who has spent the past 15 years working in the nonprofit cultural sector. I deeply believe that the performing arts helps us activate our imagination and embody the change we need towards collectivized social and racial justice.

Kelindah Schuster
they/them | Technical Director/Resident Lighting Designer | 

 I am a white, queer, trans artist and educator. I vow to be accountable, humble, and determined to decenter whiteness, dismantle white supremacy, and center Black and Brown queer and transness, in public and when no one’s watching. May it be daily, lifelong, many-pronged and leading to liberation and abolition.

David Sierra
she/her or they/them | Artist Services Marketing Manager |

I will continue to practice, study, and engage abolition and liberation as ongoing structural, communal, and interpersonal practices of dismantling state power and whiteness while imagining freedom, for which abundance, care, interdependence, and growth are necessary.

Ashley Renee Thaxton-Stevenson
she/her | Education Manager | 

As a mixed race Black/White/Asian person I am making space for my own healing, while knowing that I need to continue to SHOW UP every day in the work of anti-racism. Shopping Black-owned, organizing within my church community, calling out racism in my work as a theater maker, and making space for JOY.